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Ermila All in One Blade 46 mm

The ultimate tool for top creative styling. For Wahl / Moser / Ermila Hair Clipper No. 1854-7041

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 Ermila All in One Blade  46 mm
37,70 €
3-5 workdays

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For type 1854/1870/1871/1872/1884/1885/4212*
*You will find the 4-digit type number on the back of your appliance.
The new, ultimate blade set is versatile and can be used for every haircut:
Fringe effects in long hair.
Working hair extensions into extremely thick hair.
Developing volume layering while maintaining the same hair length.
Slicing and peeling of long hairstyles for a fresh, healthy look. Split ends are prevented during this.
Cutting hair extensions.
Developing and structuring short hair. For soft, harmonious progression in the layers.
Three positions can be selected using the adjusting lever integrated in the blade set. The intensity of the cutting effect can be individually adapted during this through intermediate positions. The following cutting techniques are possible in this context:
Position III Ultra Razor: • Soft Cut • Layer Cut • Twist Cut • Point Cut
Position II Optimum Razor: • Peel Cut • Slice Cut
Position I Soft Razor: • Texturizing • Flick & Smack

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