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Moser AnimalLine Fine Blade Set 2 mm #10F

suitable for animal clipper Moser MAX 45 & other brands - # 49 mm No. 1245-7940

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 Moser AnimalLine Fine Blade Set 2 mm #10F
28,40 €
3-5 workdays

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Precision-ground stainless steel blade set STAR BLADE for extra long life. „Made in Germany”.
Quick-release blade set featuring easy slide-on and off blades without using tools.
Cutting length: 2 mm
Cutting width: 49 mm
Tooth space: 1,63 mm
Replacement blade set for type 1221, 1225, 1245, 1250*
*You will find the 4-digit type number on the back of your appliance.
Suitable for Furtype:
short, bristly, without undercoat e.g. Dalmatian, Mastiff
short, bristly, with under-coat e.g. wire-haired dachshund, West Highland Terrier
long, fine, without undercoat, e.g. Maltese, Yorshire Terrier
long, fine, with undercoat e.g. Shih Tzu, Golden Retriever, Bobtail, Pekinese
heavily swirled e.g. Poodle, Bolonka, Portuguese Waterdog
Please note: Depending on the keeping and nutrition of your dog the furtype can deviate from the breed. Every dog should be groomed after their individual breed standard. For more information on hte individual coat are please refer to your breeder or a professional groomer.

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