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Moser ProfiLine Diamond Blade

Blade set No. 1854-7022

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 Moser ProfiLine Diamond Blade
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Innovative low maintenance blade set for optimized cutting performance. With „DIAMOND-LIKE-CARBON“ coating.
For type 1854/1870/1871/1872/1884/1885/4212
Innovative carbon coating with diamond-like properties for increased service life, high level of hardness and wear-resistant
surface of the top blade.
Less maintenance required and 40 times more dura ble compared to standard blade sets.
High precision quick-detach stainless steel blade set. Integrated cutting length adjustment 0.7 – 3 mm.
technical data
Type Low maintenance stainless steel blade set
Quick-change blade set
Top blade width 46 mm
Cutting length 0,7 - 3 mm
Art. No. 1854-7022

Moser ProfiLine Diamond Blade
Blade set No. 1854-7022
 38,90 €*  Delivery:
 incl. VAT & shipping*  3-5 workdays

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